+ Education and Record Reviews to Help You Understand Your Case.

If you have a case involving chiropractic care, talk to us first.

Most chiropractors are confusing people with overly technical language instead of educating and explaining

Our chiropractic experts strive to educate about the human body in a way that helps the average person understand. Once someone understands how the body works, they can appreciate how incredible it is.

What can retaining the right chiropractor do for you?


We’ll work seamlessly with your team to deliver a clear, concise opinion on time.


We will review all the medical records to create a clear picture of the patient’s condition.


We’ll create a clear report and communicate to explain any confusing aspects of the case.

Your Firm Should Have a Chiropractic Expert

Our team at West Coast Chiropractic Experts strives to help you and your team understand the amazing human body through workshops, seminars, and medical records reviews.

And because education is so important, we'll happily come to your office for a free 2 hour CLE workshop for your entire team.

Is Your Firm Using Your Chiropractic Expert

to Their Full Potential?

Here's How To Work With Us



Call to ensure our availability so we can be sure to deliver on time, or schedule a call to discuss difficult details of your case. We’re here to help you understand.



Once you hire us, we will compile a report that reviews all the medical records to form a complete picture of the patient’s case. If anything is missing, we will alert your team ASAP.


Amazing Results

Understanding your case really works. We’ll help you understand the patient’s injury and sort through the confusing language to reveal the important issues.

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